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The people mentioned below are the prestigious students who have studied at Thomas Tutorials and are today doing very well in their careers. Below is a series of written testimonials given by them.

It is true that we can do nothing about the length of our lives but we can certainly do plenty about its width and depth. Thomas Tutorials has helped me discover my potential and magnify these dimensions of my life. Thomas Tutorials has taught me to believe in myself. Much of what I am today, I am because of Thomas Tutorials. Thanks to Thomas Tutorials, I have discovered my strength and overcome my fears and the lesssons I learnt back then, to this day, guide me. Thomas Tutorials have been the catalyst for converting my dreams to reality.
Designation: Junior Coding Technician, Facebook .

Being in Thomas Tutorials has been a wonderful experience. Prof. Anil Thomas is no doubt a great teacher but an even more amazing human being. He has coached many students for a bright future ahead and I am fortunately one of them. He trained me not only for academics but also for other important aspects of life. His friendly approach is definitely what every student will cherish about him.
Designation: B.H.M.S, currently doing Masters(MD) in Homoeopathy

I owe a very special gratitude to Prof.Anil Thomas.
Having passed out with flying colors in SCC from Thomas Tutorials has indeed been a stepping stone in my life. Very rightly said if your foundation is strong your journey ahead becomes smooth. Prof.Anil Thomas is agreat inspiration and I am sure he with the entire team will groom many students.
Designation: Final year Dental student .

My association with Anil Thomas was a pleasant one. I enjoyed being your student and have fond memories of Akshay Sir as well. You are truly a role model and you drew a big impression on my mind growing up while in school/college. I certainly did well academically during my time in TT, ending up the top scorer from St. Mary’s in 2003 SCC board exams which ended up as a launch pad to where I am now.Thanks for being a wonderful techer and chemistry was a lot more fun with your help.
Designation: Telecom Engineer, Samsung.

Prof.Anil Thomas has been a great mentor in my life. Never got an in class interaction with him but he being an ocean of knowledge, never hesitated to give bits of knowledge here and there which was in itself a great learning opportunity. Applause to Thomas Tutorials for giving consistent results every year. Keep up the good work.Designation: B.H.M.S.

Hey people! I am associated with TT since 2004. Since then it has been one of the most rewarding and amazing experiences. With the amazing level of qualified professorsthat made the lessons seem like a cakewalk and also a lot of fun!! Apart from that the extra-curricular activities that T.T organizes yearly contributed and helped build the overall personality of all the students!!. The teachers at TT are so warm, friendly and encouraging that one can almost approach them at any point of time in order to solve any queries regarding whatsover! My association with the T.T family has been awesome!!
Designation: H.R Intern, Indianbulls.

The sheer dedication of the professors, support and personalized coaching I received ensured that I scored well and exceeded my parent’s expectations. TT is an institution which mentors its students in the true sense of the word. Everyone at TT strives to build you into an individual with strong values and not just a good student. The lessons I learnt and the friends made at TT builds with its students, that it’s been 9 years and I’m still proud to be associated with TT.
Designation: Business Technology Analyst, Deloitte Consulting.

In the year 2005 the day, I joined Thomas Tutorials proved to be a life changing experience. I studied at TT for 5 years and in those years from an average, shy student afraid of speaking in front of class; I became a student full of confidence and started scoring good marks which led me to become an engineer. A special thanks to ANil sir whose unique style of teaching helped to learn most confusing topics with ease and also rest of TT faculty too who used innovative methods of teaching. Thank you TT for such a fantastic experience.
Designation: Service Engineer, WIPRO GE Healthcare

Whoever said that you can’t have fun while you study has never been to Thomas Tutorials!
You would be thinking how can this be possible but anybody who walks through the TT doors walks out with a happy smile and being a little bit smarter than before! No words can describe the bond that students share with Anil Sir who has a charming personality. I’d like to take this opportunity to thank all the professors and especially Anil Sir for finding and honing that special spark in me!!
Designation: Placement Co-ordinator, NMIMS School of Engineering

My association with Thomas Tutorials goes back long time. It gave me an opportunity to look for my dreams which were only possible due to Anil Sir’s guidance and support. I feel immensely happy to write something for him as I never got a chance to thank him personally. With the entire process of learning he was very dedicated and focused which helped me a lot. With his excellent management and supportive team they have carved the future of many students. I wish him great sucess and glory for his upcoming projects.
Designation: Volunteer at Shopper’s Drug Mart(Toronto, Canada)

I was a student at TT for 3 years. Thomas Tutorials has always concentrated not just on helping students with academics but also helping students develop on the whole.Anil Sir, with his unique style of teaching, can explain the most confusing of topics with absolute ease. The rest of the TT faculty too, use innovative methods to explain concepts so that students understand them properly. Being a student at TT has been a fantastic experience and I would like to thank Anil Sir for all the guidance he has given us.
Designation: Asst.Software Engineer, DieBold India Pvt. Ltd.

I’m Bryan Alexander and I have had the privilege of being coached for my XIIth board exams, by Mr.Anil Thomas at Thomas Tutorials. It was a very enriching experiencefor me.His rapport with all the students was friendly and yet discipline was always mantained. Portion was completed on time and regular tests at regular intervals ensured tha tI was prepared at all times.I could freely interact with him and clear all my doubts as and when needed, I di better than I has expected, under his guidance.
Desination: Taj Managemnent Trainee, Taj Group of Hotels.

To a place that has molded me as a person today….and taught me a great deal in life..I owe it to Thomas Tutorials.
Designation: Client supportive specialist, Ernst & Young

Thomas Tutorials is one of the best things that ever happened to me. TT has given my career a boost. It has helped me develop my confidence, personality and self belief.
Thomas Tutorials was and will always be close to my heart.
Placed at: Huawei Telecom

I remember my first lecture at TT; one where Anil Sir explained the extraction of pure Iron from it’s ore through a blast furnace. Today, I see that class metaphorically, as a Blast Furnace of knowledge and guidance that transformed the crude talent and potential of an average student like me into a Board Topper who surged on with this tutelage through college, through my Chartered Accountancy exams and now, in the competitive corporate world, knowing a mentor like Anil Sir is always behind me.They say winning starts at igniting the flame within you. Lucky me and my blast furnace, i found it amidst my ever supportive faculty at TT.
Designation; Planner|Analyst|Writer at Hotstuff Advertising Pvt. Ltd.