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TT Camp

Experience non-stop action at our 3 day educational adventure camp in perfectly scenic locations, selected specially for our young campers. We at Thomas Tutorials offer an unforgettable outdoor adventure camp and a chance to experience a world of exhilarating activities, friendship and fun.
With something to appeal to every young adventurer, from a game of football to the thrills and skills of rifle shooting, trekking and rappelling, this camp really does offer a whole world of fun – and so much more. But that doesn’t mean it’s just about high-adrenaline experiences; there’s plenty of time to hone those dancing skills in our jam sessions.
So need we say more? Come along with us and experience the other side of life at TT!


Thomas Tutorials every year felicitates the successful students for their meritorious achievements at the Board Examinations by arranging a Grand Felicitation Program. It is a great step towards encouraging students to do well in future and motivating other students to work hard and achieve success.

TT Picnic

Life at Thomas Tutorials can be a roller-coaster ride, and we believe that it’s okay to let loose amidst all this chaos. Packed with interactive lectures, weekly tests and exams, we ensure that our students are given a chance to catch up, have fun & let their hair down.
Our picnics are carefully planned to encourage our students to widen their horizons. This breakthrough helps our students recharge both mentally and physically. Be there, we have an incredible experience in store for you!!

Teacher’s Day

The Staff members connect with the students to give our teachers a Surprise !

Rubik’s Cube Workshop

Six Sides . Six Colours . One Destiny !

Children’s Day

We celebrate Children’s Day every year as Children are our most valuable assets .

Birthday Celebrations!

We take the effort to make you feel special on Birthday !

Christmas Party

Make the Move at our Christmas Party with DJ Dance , Games and Dinner !