FAQs | Thomas Tutorials

TT follows a uniquely structured teaching methodology, equipped with state- of – art infrastructure and highly qualified and trained staff.(Kindly refer to brochure)
A branch principal who is directly responsible for performance, heads each branch. The branch principal is easily accessible for communication.

Teachers are graduates, post-graduates and highly experienced professionals with over 250 hours of ‘Teachers training programme’.

A lot different and a lot more BETTER….. u need to be to feel the difference….
Devoted lecturers – committed programmes – pro student activities and take-ups and doubt solving and overall development and spl counseling and .. and … and … and …

Concessional schemes are available for your convenience. (Kindly meet the branch principal with the required documents)
Further discounts maybe available based on performance.

Yes she/he will certainly get personal attention.the Branch principal, test co-ordinator will be directly in touch with the child and the parent. The child will be regularly called for take-ups and doubts clearance sessions.

Yes, our notes are completely formatted for best results and covers the entire syllabus for each subject. Never the less we advice tat the child reads the textbooks and learns from it.

TT caters for Education Beyond syllabus (EBS), career counseling & general counseling. We also have picnics, camps and an annual day – these are areas where the leadership qualities of the child is surfaced.

If, after following the L-T-D-A method and proper parent teacher coordination, the child fails, then , fees will be refunded . (T&C applies)

If you enroll now you will benefit from the benefits of a restricted batch (smaller batch size) and can be sure of lesser fees (the fees will go up / even service tax will be charged).
Optionally you can pay a token fee and block a seat.

Coordination with other children from the same area can be arranged for.

Quality education is provided in class itself so the child is not burdened with studies at home. TT is the only place where the sessions is very holistic and we practive take up sessions along with worksheet patterns. Hence travel time should be considered as the time invested.

TT sends you information through an sms or telephone call to keep you informed if your child has missed lectures.

We have a discipline co-coordinator who ensures physical discipline and a branch Principal who ensures academic discipline.

Some batches will be co-ed whereas some will be only girls and boys.

We can help counsel the child along with parent –teacher coordination and support. General counseling can be provided by the branch principal. Spl and focused counseling by Prof. Anil Thomas on appointment.

There will be no rush. We have a well structured plan portion completion. Portion completion is combined with periodic tests and regular take-ups. So once the child participates in the L-T-D-A method, academic success will be a cakewalk.
HSC portions will be completed by Sept, SSC portions will be completed by October and other standards like 8th, 9th , 11th (sci/ Com)portions will be completed well before their exams.

She/He should get at least 2 and a half hours of study at home.

Classrooms are state- of –art, air-conditioned, aesthetically planned, well furnished, comfortable and clean.

Yes the rest rooms are clean and hygienic.

Yes the area is absolutely safe for girls.

Yes – all students must dress modestly. Girls are not allowed to wear sleeveless or above –the- knee outfits & boys are not allowed to wear sleeveless shirts and are required to wear full- length trousers

There will no chances of poor performance PROVIDED the child follows the tried and tested L-T-D-A method.

We shall arrange for an appointment with Anil Thomas for you to discuss in person.

The choice is yours to make but we suggest you study our brochure in details.

Only Vacation batches (for 10th and 12th-sci) will have four lectures every day. After school is operational , there will be only two lectures daily .

We have a written commitment certificate which is a well predicted guarantee of the child’s academic progress.