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With our Online assistance , Students can check their lecture timings , test dates , test results , attendance report and assignments . Parents , too can check their child’s performance on the go !
Students get quick access to all information that they need online !

Doubt Solving Lectures

If a child has difficulties in understanding a particular chapter , then we provide them with doubt solvers who are available round the clock ! If a child could not attend a lecture , our doubt solvers make sure to bring that child back in sync with the rest .

Audio­Visual Lectures

Our rooms are equipped with AV projectors . Audio­Visuals help the child to visualize certain critical concepts , which cannot be taught with simple lectures .

Science Practicals

Thomas Tutorials conducts Science Practicals , so that it’s students get a hands on experience of performing experiments . This also helps the students to develop love for subject . .

Personal Attention by Branch Head

Our branch heads are very sincere about ensuring that your child improves academically. Our branch heads personally approach students to ask them for their difficulties , problems and suggestions . Our branch heads have built trust with parents for looking into their child’s academics.

SMS/Online/E­mail Communication

The students are well informed about all academic programs via SMS or e­mail. Parents are also informed about progress of their child in weekly tests through SMS or email.

Motivation/Counselling for Life & Career

Our founder prof. Anil Thomas has coached thousands of students , not only for academics but also for setting life goals and building a successful career . At Thomas Tutorials , you get an opportunity to have counselling sessions with him ..