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College Name: R.D. National
Percentage: 84%
Subject Toppers: Physics-81
I have spent 5 years studying at Thomas Tutorials , from std. 8 right up to the 12th std.
Lectures at TT have always been exceptionally different than conventional classroom lectures . Studying becomes fun-filled and a lesser burdening experience at TT .
Thomas Tutorials is quite responsive to your doubts , queries and suggestion.

School Name: Air India Modern High School
Percentage: 93.60%
Subject Toppers: English-89, Maths- 98
TT is my first and best ever experience as a coaching class. It has been my support system since two years and it’s because of TT that I have been able to top in my school. TT has a great contribution to my success.

School Name: Patuck Technical Gala College
Percentage: 93.80%
Subject Toppers: Hindi-94, Maths- 98(1st Patuck technical Gala College) (1st in TT)
“Hitting the bull eye without TT was, is, and will be impossible.”

College Name: Mithibai college
Percentage: 83.84%
TT is very good for commerce. The professors are excellent . They also give personal attention to you if you ask I had a good time studying here. The weekly tests helped me a lot.

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I felt it was the the right decision to send my grandson to TT as it is one of the best tutorials in the vicinity. Their sincere approach good teaching skills and methods and doubt solving sessions make the students learn better. They are exceptionally good in Science & Maths & the co-ordination between the students & the staff is fantastic. Therefore I am glad to send my grandson to TT and wish them all the best.

Thank you TT for teaching my daughter. My daughter has shown great progress since she joined TT. All the professors are good in their respective subjects. I recommend TT.

My daughter Hiral Kantharia has improved in studies after joining TT. The teaching at TT is good. My daughter’s marks have improved in Std 9th

Our sincere thanks to Prof. Anil Thomas and his team for their valuable contribution in the success of our son Chaitanya getting 93.82% at the SCC Board examinations. We acknowledge that systematic approach to teaching & able guidance from them helped students to achieve their full potential. We thank you all once again for your efforts & dedications.

I would like to thank the entire team of Thomas Tutorials for helping my daughter Sharon. The regular test and the result anaylsis has been a major impact on her studies. Many thanks to Thomas Tutorials.

My daughter found TT very good for helping her in studies. It was a good decision to send her to TT. Since the teachers, staff and principal were very helpful in solving all her doubts related to studies. They made her studies easier.



College Name: Dahanukar College
Percentage: 83%
Learning at TT was a good experience. Thank you TT for supporting me to achieve this success.

College Name: Patuck Tecnical Gala College
Percentage: 80.76%
Subject Toppers: OC-89, Eco-89
Self trust is the first key to success and the second key is THOMAS TUTORIALS.

College Name: Mithibai College
Subject Toppers: Maths-98
It was my great pleasure to study at TT. From the beginning of my 12th std all the teachers, staff, peons and all my friends helped me in my studies. This was a major reason for my good score in HSC. Thanks to TT.

College Name: St. Andrews
Percentage: 79%
Subject Toppers: Accounts-97, SP-79
“My experience at TT in last five years was brilliant!”

College Name: St. Mary’s High School & Junior College
Percentage: 79%
Subject Toppers: Chemistry- 87
It was nice studying in TT. Teaching staff and other staff were cooperative.

College Name: St. Andrews
Percentage: 77.09%
It was great being in TT. TT group help us lot in studies.

College Name: Mithibai college
Percentage: 78.92%
Subject Toppers: Chemistry- 87
It was nice. They had new techniques to teach us.
Great experience.

School Name: Mary Immaculate Girls High School
Percentage: 93.20%
TT has the magic wand of creating a winning edge for students. Before, I was just a hardworking student, but with the right guidance I managed to achieve great success.

School Name: Kalina Education Society
Percentage: 92.60%
TT is the best place to learn. All the teachers here are very helpful and they teach weak students very nicely.

School Name: Kalina Education Society
Percentage: 91.40%
I am happy that I was a part of TT for two years, because TT gave me inspiration to progress and lead me to the path of success.

School Name: Mary Immaculate Girls High School
Percentage: 91%
TT’s take ups sessions have proved to be beneficial to me.

School Name: Mary Immaculate Girl’s High School
Percentage: 90.40%
TT has been guiding students for success. Yes, it is one of the good classes.

College Name: St.Charle’s
Percentage: 91.80%
The teachers (2015-16) were friendly, interactive and helpful. A no. of camps, sessions etc. were conducted to relieve students of their stress. The counselling team provides the needed exposure to the outside world.

School Name: Mary Immaculate Girls High School
Percentage: 90.40%
The tests and tutorials at TT are very helpful.

School Name: Kalina Education Society
Percentage: 89.80%
The teaching pattern at TT is excellent. Teachers and staff are very co-operative and helpful.

School Name: St Mary’s High School
Percentage: 89.40%
I enjoyed studying in TT . The teachers are very professional in their respective subjects.

School Name: Mary Immaculate Girl’s High School
Percentage: 89%
TT built that little fighter inside me and today my future seems brighter.

School Name: Mary Immaculate Girl’s High School
Percentage: 88.80%
All teachers at TT have proved to be very helpful.

School Name: Mary Immaculate Girls High School
Percentage: 88.20%
TT has helped me grow and learn better.

School Name: St.Joseph’s High School
Percentage: 88.4%, 5th Rank in school
It was my fist year at Thomas Tutorials. I enjoyed this year with a cooperative, understanding and a very helpful faculty as well as the staff. The teachers helped me a lot to gain good marks in my examination. I would like to thank each and every member for the institute who help me gain success in my ssc examination. Thank you it was a pleasure being Thomas tutorials.

School Name: Kamla high school
Percentage: 87.6%
It was a great experience of studying here. I got to learn a lot of things from Thomas Tutorials. The teachers are very friendly and they teach very nicely.

School Name: Kamla High School
Percentage: 86%
Subject highest: Marathi 90
My experience with Thomas Tutorials was great. The teachers are very friendly and helpful. There’s not a single lecture that bored me I regret I did not join TT earlier that’s in my 9th std.

School Name: St. Teresas Institute of Education
Percentage: 88.4%
Subject Topper: History- 86
It was good. Teachers were nice. They had new techniques to teach us.

School Name: St.Charle’s
Percentage: 87.60%
It was very good experience in TT. TT group helped us a lot in our studies.

School Name: St.Charle’s
Percentage: 90.80%
Subject Topper: Social Science- 98
Helped to overcome various hardships faces by students. Has helped to manage time productively. Has taught to take advantage of every golden opportunity.

School Name: St.Charle’s
Percentage: 87.40%
TT is very effective for getting the students to think more and aim high whatever the topic. The teacher and staff engaged is very encouraging, reflective and committed to long teaching. I’m so thankful to you’ll and also confident that TT will make a significant contribution a an elementary educator.

School Name: Kalina Education Society Hans Bhurga High School
Percentage: 92.0%
I had a amazing experience of learning in TT. Regular tests and prelims made my academics better. The teachers teach everything very nicely. Revision and doubt solving lectures also helped us. Proud to be a student of TT.