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Do’s and Don’ts during an examination

Examinations are round the corner and the students mind is going through

pressure, strain and perplexity. To ease their tension down, parents should be supportive and create a comfortable and favourable atmosphere for their child, so that he/she can study well. Neat and organized books, fine stationery, pre-planned timetables, a bright decorated room with complete peace. Isn’t there something missing? Commemorate your childhood days. Undeniably, “FOOD”, which is like cherry on the top for your little one. While the children are studying they always need to munch something and here the cook in the house i.e. in most of cases, the mother’s play a very crucial role.

But, it is quite true isn’t it? As examinations approach, most parents find their children asking for snacks and snack breaks- a lot more often than on routine days. It is quite essential and reasonable. Well, because scientifically the child is working both physically and mentally extra, than compared to the usual days, hence they feel hungry every hour or two and demand for food quite often. Generally, parents understand their child’s state of mind and they also know that planning their special snacks is probably the best forms of support they could show, during examinations. Ask any mom, they all would agree to this.

So, here are some tips and ideas to help you plan your child’s ‘examination diet’ and incorporate support to them as your child juggles with Mathematics, Science, English and the rest!

  • The very first and the most important tip to remember lifetime, “Health is wealth.” Do not let your child fall sick or feel sick before and through out his examination. Eat healthy, stay healthy is the only key to success.
  • Help them avoid outside food & water. Whatever is their favourite ‘outside food’, try replicating it at home. Nourishing home cooked meals are recommended for exam time. Ditch on junk food and replace it with healthy meals.
  • Give them lots of water- the days are getting hotter isn’t it! Staying hydrated is important. You can add different flavours to plain water, keeping in mind it doesn’t harm your child in any way.
  • Fresh fruits like bananas, apples, watermelons, any fruit which your little one likes. Sometimes they give trouble in having fresh fruit, don’t they? Well, everything has a way out, how about a delicious, yummilicious
    smooooothie? Sounds good right? The good news is – there is nothing to prevent anyone making the perfect smoothie using a variety of fruits and there is nothing to prevent you also from enjoying a glass of it with your child. Apple, banana, strawberry- choose your pick, innovate the way your child is fond of and ta-dah enjoy the smoothie with your child. Don’t forget – it has the goodness and richness of fruits and milk!
  • Fresh fruit juices are also a good option. Kill the killing heat with some fresh lime, orange, sweet lime –the choices are unlimited. Coconut water is another good option.
  • Plan the regular meals as usual – do curb a bit on the spice though, be generous to add more portions of proteins and vitamins.
  • Stock up on their favourite chips and other savouries – small portions of it can be given during their snack breaks, alternating with the juices and smoothies as mentioned above.
  • Healthy food is of course, one way of ensuring your child is healthy during examinations, but another very essential need is “SLEEP.” Sufficient hours of sleep especially during examination days, helps relaxing the child and keeps them fresh.
  • Intake of caffeine could be slightly increased so that the child does not feel lethargic and is awake and alarmed.
  • Do take care of your child’s emotional health too. It may be possible that your child may not be feeling too confident after giving a particular exam. If he/she shares the thought with you do encourage them to give their
    best for the rest of the exams. Scolding them or being harsh may weaken their confidence for the rest of the exams.
  • Don’t compare your children with anybody, each one has their own capability and talent.
  • Group studying makes learning easier and fun, so allow your child to call their friends home, this will increase their moral support.
  • Maintain complete peace and harmony at home, so that the child doesn’t get disturbed or distracted, what may come.
  • To all the stern parents, do not disconnect the internet connection at home thinking your child may miss use it, let me correct here. Living in the 21st century the internet is more of a boon than a curse.
  • Lastly, they worry about disappointing you, so show them you believe in them. Tough love should never destroy their self confidence. Your concern shouldn’t become a tool to stifle the kid. Remember this, they’re exams not punishment so no solitary confinement, Please.To end on a good note, the extra touch of love and affection that you add while flavouring your child’s snacks makes all the difference. It is the very same ingredient that motivates and keeps every child feel contended and motivated. Obstacles are going to bump on the way, but remember, the climb is going to be difficult, reaching on the top out there, is worth the watch. Cheers to all the wonderful and supportive parents, and also the hard working students. Good luck, God bless !Thank you for reading, hope it helps you. If you want me to blog something in particular kindly leave it in the comment box below.-Batul unwalla

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